tcorayer2019 suehubert
This is not me. That’s the point. It’s not about me, it’s about all the characters I am blessed to meet because sometimes, my pen gets to tell their story.

Using words to brush out lean descriptive images

Celebrating life on the water, pen in hand

Practicing literary efficiency

Writing always

“Fish Wrap”, my weekly fishing column, appears in the Southern RI Newspapers, including the Narragansett Times, Woonsocket Call, Standard Times, The Pendulum, Pawtucket Times, Coventry Courier and the Chariho Times

Monthly columns in SO Rhode Island, On The Water and The Shore Times.

Member, Bluefish Advisory Panel, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, The New England Outdoor Writers Association, the Outdoor Writers Association of America and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers

There’s a lot more and the rest I am happy to provide, just send an email to

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