Fish Wrap Merch

We at Fish Wrap want you to look your very best so we’re offering a few options.

Hats are always in style, weather fishing or socializing over a good story, our khaki cap will serve you well. They’re one hundred per cent cotton and really comfortable.


Many of us can relate to the Fish Wrap image, you know, the grey beard, the fishing pole, the rubber boots. Good stuff right there.

And for the way more hip crowd than I’m in, we offer a trucker style hat. Navy blue front with a white mesh back and our website stitched in for good measure.

Both hats were embroidered in Jamestown so your money stays local. Hats are $22 each plus a two dollars if you want me to mail it to you, which I’m happy to do.
Email us at to place your order.

Thanks very much for all your support over the years; we hope to see you in a very stylish hat when you show off your next big catch and hopefully tell me the story.