Fish Wrapped 2017, Part II. The smiles say it all.

“Whatever I catch, I’m going to say it was three times bigger,” said 13 year old Tim Roberts. So begins part two of our year in review, that much-anticipated, semi-obligatory writers holiday crutch, where we succumb to sweet Christmas cookies, Mimi’s salty, perfect antipasto and endless tall cans of Maine microbrew, which easily overtakes any … Continue reading Fish Wrapped 2017, Part II. The smiles say it all.

Krista Simpson & her Unquiet Professional

Krista Simpson Anderson is on a mission and she could use your help. Krista’s family endured the ultimate sacrifice when her husband, Army SSG Michael H. Simpson of C Company, 4th BN, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), gave his life protecting our country. Serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, he was a young man, soldier and … Continue reading Krista Simpson & her Unquiet Professional

FISH WRAP’s First Ever Podcast

This week we begin our Fish Wrap Podcast, a first-ever venture into the world of on-the-go outdoors media. We are very appreciative of all our readers and now, we hope to add many listeners as well. Thanks very much for reading, "liking" and now, listening to the best fish reports, interviews, stories, updates, occasional sarcastic … Continue reading FISH WRAP’s First Ever Podcast

The Brightest Faces Catch the Biggest Fish

August has never been so bright, never so bright as when two young and happy fishermen hauled in a really big fish and then, after a few days of rest and homemade lunches, went back and caught another one. Five year old Gabriel Simpson and his seven year old brother Michael are stars in the … Continue reading The Brightest Faces Catch the Biggest Fish